Section One: Object of the general terms and conditions of use

Crispins, (henceforth Crispins) as the owner and manager of the on-line shop called Crispins is a company involved in the marketing of food products, providing at the present website (located at the URL , henceforth Crispins) the following online services, functionalities and contents aimed at professionals, companies, consumers, users or any other final recipient (henceforth the User) to whom orders can be delivered in Spanish territory.

C.I.F. (corporation tax number): B61625455 registered with the Registrar of Companies of Barcelona, T. 30830, F. 0180, H. 183171, RSI 40-06513/CAT RGS 40-13960/B

Said services, functionalities and contents shown at the present website are subject to the following usage conditions.

Section Two: Services rendered via the Crispins website

At its website Crispins offers the following services, functionalities and contents:

    1.  Access service to a series of contents classified by categories.
    2.  Browsing service around the website.
    3.  Product search service in line with different parameters.
    4.  Technical information about the products marketed by Crispins.
    5.  On-line product purchasing service.
    6.  Webmail service to contact the company.
    7.  Other services as well as any other service that the Crispins shop includes at the present website in the future.

Crispins may, in the future, provide the User with new contents, services or additional facilities, which may or may not be free-of-charge, which increase the services available to the User. 

In turn, Crispins reserves the right to unilaterally cancel any of the services, functionalities and contents to be found at the present website.

Section three: Crispins User Status

Access to the Crispins website is wholly voluntary and it assigns User Status to whosoever accesses this URL, whatever media or technology it uses. The User, in its capacity as such, and for having voluntarily accessed the website, owned by Crispins, unreservedly and unconditionally accepts the content of the present Legal Notice or General Terms & Conditions of Use. Hence, the User must read the Legal Notice/General Terms and Conditions of Use carefully before carrying out any kind of operation, viewing, usage, download, purchase, management etc. at this URL. 

All the actions carried out by the Crispins' User will be under their total liability.

Crispins does not require the prior subscription for the mere navigation, access or use of the on-line purchase service offered at the Crispins' website. By contrast, for access to certain contents and services prior subscription and registration as a User will be required (henceforth, Registered User). As far as personal data processing is concerned, read the Crispins' Privacy Policy available at the Data Privacy Policy link.

Section four: User Obligations

The User believes that any material and content at the website, which in any way or through any format is expressed or reproduced at Crispins belong to the latter unless specifically stated otherwise. The User also undertakes to make licit, diligent, correct and honourable use of the information and contents provided at the Crispins' website or from third parties provided previously to Crispins and all according to the principles of good faith and respecting the legality in force.

Under no circumstances is the User authorised to distribute, copy, implement, transmit, show, reproduce, grant licenses, use the material as the basis for other works, transfer or sell in any way any kind of information, documents, images, programming code, products or services obtained at this website; he/she is only authorised to examine it in its current form and download onto just one computer a copy of the material for its personal and private usage, never for commercial purposes, provided that the User complies with all of the industrial and intellectual property standards and other similar standards. 

The User also undertakes not to cause - maliciously or intentionally - any damage and losses which may harm the Crispins' website nor to spread so-called "computer viruses" which may bring about unauthorised changes to the contents or systems forming part of the Crispins' website. In this regard, Crispins is exempt of any computer virus or fault introduced by third parties.

It is forbidden to use the material or contents stated or reproduced at the Crispins' website in different computer network environments and websites.

Under no circumstances may the webmail system be used to distribute advertising or commercial offers of any type.

The User recognises that unauthorised use and misuse of the contents or tools of the Crispins' website may entail civil and/criminal liability.

Section five: Crispins' obligations

Crispins assumes before the User with regard to the usage of the present website the following obligations:

To adopt the media and measures to allow security and privacy in communications to be ensured. Crispins will not be liable if the relevant security measures are adopted and the latter are breached by third parties or external agents. 

To provide the services in continuous fashion and deploy all the media required for their re-establishment in the event of any fault provided that this is possible for it.

To give the user of Crispins sufficient notice about any event known by the latter which may affect the regular rendering of the service or a substantial variation in its conditions.

To ensure the confidentiality of communications, being released from any responsibility as regards the obtaining by the User or third parties of recordings or any breach of confidentiality not attributable to it as it was obtained outside any possible control of Crispins.

Crispins is not liable for any faults or interruptions in the service which derive from the connection of equipment which may be carried out by the User without the intervention of the former, nor for any faults attributable to third parties or on the grounds of force majeure. In the same way, neither is it liable for any losses and damages which it may cause to Users owing to computing viruses or external agents that third parties may place at the website or in the electronic documents or files contained in the computing system.

Crispins may modify the terms of access and location of the content forming part of the website as well as restricting, blocking or withdrawing access to the services to Users when their usage of the services rendered at the website is not licit, correct and diligent. It may also block or withdraw the usage of contents introduced by any third parties which are illicit or demeaning that breach the applicable laws or standards of a national and international nature.

Section six: Crispins' liability for website operation. Crispins will not be liable for any damage caused to the User should it prove impossible to render the service which is the object of the present General Terms and Conditions of Usage owing to any eventualities involving Acts of God, force majeure or other causes not attributable to the company.

Nor will Crispins be liable for the inappropriate usage of the website if it pursues maintenance work, incidents that affect national and/or international operators, the defective configuration of customer equipment or their insufficient capacity to support the computer systems in order to be able to use the service. 

Section seven: Identifier and personal access key or password 

To log onto the Crispins' website the User must fill in the customer registration form or the form in the Register section of the website.

Once the request has been studied and accepted by Crispins, a login and a password will be assigned to him/her (henceforth called the Access Keys). Crispins reserves the right to accept the registration request.

The Access Keys are personal and non-transferrable, the User undertakes to make licit, diligent use thereof as well as not to make available to third parties their knowledge and use. Crispins is exempt from any kind of liability which may arise owing to damages and losses caused and suffered owing to the fraudulent use of the Access Keys, loss or use in contravention of the provisions of the General Terms & Conditions.

The User undertakes to select, use and keep his/her "login" and password in accordance with the stipulations of the clauses below. In the event of the loss or theft of these Access Keys, the Registered User must inform Crispins forthwith, sending an e-mail or calling 902 36 77 51, otherwise the User will be liable for anything resulting from said reason.

The assignment of Access Keys is carried out automatically. If the User selects access keys which have been used previously by some other User, he/she will have to select new Access Keys.

The Access Keys will allow the User to make orders or acquire on-line the products and services he/she desires, making payment to this end by the various media offered by the system.

You declare and ensure that the data provided in the registration are true, that you at least 18 years old and that you are entitled to use the services offered at the Crispins website in accordance with the terms & conditions of usage set out herein. 

The User hereby agrees to supervise the usage that any minor or third parties using the equipment and/or login account to obtain access to the Crispins website as well as accepting liability for any of their actions. 

Section Eight: Online purchase of products

The Crispins website includes an e-commerce application, classified under the B2C type (Business to Consumer), which can only be accessed by registered Users by means of their access keys. 

In all cases, the tariffs, conditions and purchasing procedure will be clear to the User. Product-related information (see technical data and physical description) will be shown clearly and specifically. 

Crispins is not liable for any inaccuracies in the information about the items caused by typing errors, system faults or the unauthorised intervention of third parties. Crispins is not liable for any expectations that the product images may create for the User beyond the specifications clearly stated on their respective technical data sheets.

The product offer is subject to stock availability. Crispins reserves the right to withdraw products from the sales' offer without giving any prior notice in this regard. Crispins is also the sole entity authorised to publish or withdraw special offers of products, prices or services at its website.

Crispins undertakes to get the products to their destination within the timeframe agreed by both parties. Crispins declines any liability for incidents concerning delivery owing to the action of third parties on the grounds of force majeure and/or the negligence of the transport companies providing the service. 

Crispins will be exempt from any liability for a failure to comply with the launch dates for new products which are solely provided for guidance purposes. 

Payment of the products acquired will be carried out exclusively by bank transfer or credit card.

Section nine: Intellectual Property and Industrial Property

The material and contents provided by Crispins are protected by the laws, treaties and agreements that protect copyright. 

Intellectual and industrial property rights belong to Crispins. The texts, designs, images, data bases, logos, structure, trademarks, domains and other elements of this website are protected by international laws and treaties on intellectual and industrial property. Any reproduction, transmission, adaptation, translation, modification, announcement to the public or any other usage of all or part of the contents of this website carried out in whatsoever way and by any electronic, mechanical or other means are strictly forbidden unless authorised beforehand in writing by Crispins. Any breach of these rights may give rise to court proceedings, either civil or criminal, with the attendant compensation for any damages and losses caused.

It is strictly forbidden to remove, avoid or manipulate "copyright" and any other distinguishing features of Crispins, owned by Crispins.

It could be the case that at the Crispins' website material is reproduced or expressed which is protected by third party Copyright. Should this be the case, the same respect will be held for the prevailing Legislation as is held with regard to the material provided by Crispins

All industrial and intellectual property rights with regard to this website are legally reserved and access to them or their use by its users must not in any way be regarded as the granting of any license to use or right to any asset held or owned by Crispins. The User also undertakes not to remove or alter any distinguishing feature used as a trademark or business name (graphic, logo etc.), an element protected by copyright or other notices, subtitles, symbols or labels of Crispins which appear at the Crispins website

The User recognises that unless there is a specific agreement between the parties, it is only authorised to use information which is the intellectual property of Crispins solely for his/her own needs and not to directly or indirectly carry out any commercial usage of the services he/she has access to or any results obtained by using the website.

Through his/her access to the Crispins website the User undertakes to use the services, functionalities and contents in a manner which is totally compliance with the laws and uses of traffic and it will be liable vis-à-vis Crispins or third parties for any damages and losses that may be caused as a result of a breach of said obligation. 

The User will refrain from engaging in any conduct when using the Crispins website which infringes the intellectual or industrial rights of Crispins or third parties or which breaches or transgresses the honour, personal or family privacy or third parties images or which are illicit or immoral and in any case he/she will leave Crispins harmless of any court or out-of-court claim lodged with it as a consequence of said usage. It is also strictly forbidden to carry out any type of activity or practice that infringes the principles of good conduct generally accepted amongst Internet Users. 

Consequently, Crispins, its representatives, partners, professionals or employees do not assume any liability deriving from, or which may derive from, any usage that the Users make of the information and contents of this Crispins website nor from the application thereof to justify or support any personal or business decision or judgement. 

The User will also refrain from carrying out, through his/her use of the Crispins website  any destruction, alteration, putting out of action or damage to the data, programmes or electronic documents belonging to Crispins, its suppliers or third parties as well as introducing or disseminating online any programmes, viruses, applets, Active X controls or any physical or electronic instrument or devices which cause, or are liable to cause, any kind of alteration to the Network, the system or third party equipment. 

Crispins will not be held liable for infringements by any User which affect the rights of another User or third parties, including Copyright, trademarks, patents, confidential information and any other intellectual or industrial property right. Under no circumstances will

Crispins be liable for any error or omission or for any results which may derive from the use or application by third parties of the information provided by Crispins.

Under no circumstances is there any guarantee of the truthfulness, integrity, up-to-date nature, accuracy, thoroughness, correctness, validity or results which may be obtained from use of the information provided by third parties at the Crispins' website.

Section Ten: Data Protection Policy 

The Data Protection Policy has been set out in a section set aside to this end at the website which is the object of these General Terms & Conditions of Usage () accessed via the link called "Data Protection Policy".

Section Eleven: Infringements and Illicit Activities

In the event that Crispins discovers either directly or by means of notifications or petitions of third parties the fraudulent, illicit, unethical, offensive and/or unauthorised use of the data, services and products of Crispins, as well as breach by the User of any of the obligations assumed under the present General Terms & Conditions of Use, the company reserves the right to wholly or partially suspend all of the services without the need for the prior authorisation of the User, reserving the right to remove any infringing contents hosted at the servers where the present website is located or to adopt any other measure it deems necessary to avoid the continuous committing of the illicit act or of the infringement detected. 

Without prejudice to the above, Crispins reserves the right to inform the administrative or judicial authorities about any acts which may constitute an illicit activity without the need to inform the user beforehand. 

Section Twelve: Settlement of Disputes

Without prejudice to the existence of mandatory rules in the State of your residence, the present General Terms & Conditions of Usage are subject to the laws of Spain.

If you reside in an EU Member State, the courts of your domicile will be competent to settle any dispute. If you are not resident in one of the EU Member States, the Spanish Courts will be competent. 

Section Thirteen: Modification to the present legal notice or General Terms and Conditions of Use

Crispins reserves the right to modify the present notice to adapt it to new aspects of the legislation or case law as well as to any modifications or practices of the industry. In said cases reasonable notice will be given of any changes to be made to the Legal Notice or General Terms and Conditions of Use, Data Protection Policy and when the changes will fully take effect. 

Section Fourteen:

Crispins Communications may address its communications to the User by post, e-mail or through the public announcement thereof by any means of dissemination. In the same way, the User may address its communications to Crispins by post to the company's registered offices or by e-mail addressed to the User care mailbox. 

Section Fifteen: Enquiries 

For any enquiry, suggestion, complaint or query Crispins provides Users with the following means of contact:

Customer Care Phone: 93 762 49 29 from Monday to Thursday: Mornings from 9 p.m. to 2 p.m. and Afternoons from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m., Fridays from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.

At the website or by e-mail at