La horchata Crispins es un concentrado 100% natural de chufa, azúcar y agua. Fácil de preparar, sólo hay que diluir el concentrado en 4 partes de agua y disfrutar de su frescor.
  • Crispins Horchata machine is a powerful commercial weapon for the impulse sale of fresh Horchata. Its 12Lt tank allows the storage, cooling and maintenance of the product ready to serve. The small machine fits on top of any bar and its personalised frame is the centre of attention.

  • Genuine, traditional tiger nut horchata Crispins concentrated horchata is a 100% natural product which only contains tiger nut, water and sugar. Its high concentration means that once diluted in water, it has high efficiency as a finished product. 1 litre. Minimum order: 1 unit